Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of an adventure and honeymoon is one chance to engage in extraordinary experiences with your partner. If you both have a soft corner for thrill-seeking activities or adventure is what makes you both a couple, New Zealand is the ideal destination for the two of you.



It wouldn’t be false if we say New Zealand is an adventurer’s paradise. Spread over North Island and South Island, there are some picturesque places hiding few of the craziest adventurous activities. From Bungy to Rafting to Zip Lining, you will definitely find different ways to calm the adrenaline rush in you and explore the truly adventurous souls in each other. 

Embrace the thrill and soak within the views as you skydive hand in hand or go solo and take a leap of faith, bungy jumping into the unknown– a real heart-stopping adventure! 

You can skydive in various locations- Auckland, Lake Taupo, Wanaka, Queenstown and Bay of Plenty.



For an absolutely different type of Bungy, try the Ledge Bungy, Queenstown or Auckland Harbour Bridge or Taupo Bungy on the Waikato River. Being regarded as the ‘’home of Bungy’’, New Zealand doesn’t disappoint! 



Heights don’t really thrill you? Don’t worry; there is a variety of experiences for the water adventure-seeking couples out there. Pass through some of the most dangerous water routes zipping past the scenic gorge and sheer rock walls with pointy rocks taking a speedy Jet Boat in Skippers Canyon Jet, Queenstown, the very popular Black Water Rafting or negotiate 360-degree spins Jet Boating in Lake Taupo. Remember to hold down tight to each other!



New Zealand attracts many Rafting lovers all over the world. There are rivers spread across the country where rapids range from a gentle Grade 1 to an extreme Grade 5 offering a chance to try Rafting to people of all age groups. Tongariro River in Lake Taupo, the wild West Coast, and Queenstown are amongst the most popular rafting spots.
Another water involving experience is Canyoning. Staged in remote mountainous locations lie a few of the wildest adventurous sites for you to walk, slide down rocks, climb, abseil, leap off waterfalls and have great fun together. 



While these are the most looked upon experiences in New Zealand by adventure-seeking couples, you may also want to try some offbeat activities like Caving, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Hot Spring Jumping, and Zorbing downhills.

New Zealand also has some beautiful wine regions where you can cycle through the vineyards and learn the winemaking process.  The Kiwis love their food and drinks; thus, they invest a lot of time and effort in producing the best of all. You will find amazing seafood delicacies and some much known cheese brands in New Zealand. If there’s anything you would want to take back home – it would be coffee! The world-famous Kiwi flat white is something you wouldn’t want to miss.



Best time to visit New Zealand to try out the given experiences and activities is anytime between September and March as the weather is clear and sunny.

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